Healing Through Loss Meditation

Welcome. We are so glad you are here.

Grief is one of the most painful experiences we’ll ever go through. This meditation is to help ease the path of your healing process and alleviate some of the pain and suffering you are experiencing.

This beautiful and powerful 10 minute guided meditation, Healing through Loss Meditation, is a gift from our hearts to yours. We’re honored and touched to walk this path of healing with you.

Our hope is that you feel more acceptance, and peace, after spending precious time with your loved one through this process.

Grief comes in many forms, and has no time-line. Grief morphs and changes over time as we let go of the physical presence of the person we’ve lost and come to a place of acceptance that they are with us in spirit. As we embrace that, we find more peace and a way to move forward with their love in our hearts.

Please Share This

This is a very powerful healing meditation. If you would like to share this with friends and family who are also experiencing loss, please do. We would love to touch their hearts as well. So we may ensure they have the support they need, please make sure to send them to this page and not share the meditation directly.  Here is the link:  https://www.healingthroughlossmeditation.com